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First off, this has to be the worst company to deal with. I ordered a 52 inch tv July 2nd 2008 and waited for 3 weeks till (I) called to find out what *** happened to my order. The supervisor that I talked to stated, "well, we called the warehouse and they didnt have that tv in". I told him why the *** didnt they call me and tell me they were out of stock. The supervisor said, well Im sorry, do you want a refund. I told him no damnit, I want the tv that I ordered. I told him Ill take whatever you have in stock and to please verify that the tv is indeed in stock. He stated, ok mr. Ill make sure. After 2 and a half weeks went by and no tv I had to call. So when I called and explained the situation to a different supervisor she stated, hello mr. sorry that happened to you. Do you want to change your order? I tolder her what the *** happened to my last order? I thought I told the last supervisor to change the order and give me the 47 inch tv instead. She stated no, I dont have any records showing that. I told her they were some of the dumbest people that I have ever encountered in my natural life. I told her do they have anyone thats professional that I can speak to? ... I dont want to hold anyone one up too much longer of the *** at SHOP LATINO NETWORK. To sum it up, after waiting almost 2months I had to do a claim with my bank in order to get my funds back on my credit card because shop latino would not reverse the funds. Also, after waiting 2 whole months there's no tv but at least theres no frustration anymore because I almost had a heart attack dealing with those weird people. Warning: Do not trust those people because they will lie and wont care about taking your money.

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Shop latino did not deliver the goods and charge me

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I place an order with shop latino and they did not deliver the goods but they charge my credit card and everytime I call them they say that I am not in their records but how is it that they charge me for the order and don't know who am I?

seem that they think that latinos are placing the orders and they will not complain for their scam, but I will call my credit card and their office 'til someone solve the problem.

no compren aqui porque les quitan el dinero de la targeta de credito y no les mandan lo que ordenaron

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